Hi! I'm Jeremy Marchandeau,
a WordPress Developer specialized in Maintenance
& Website Optimization.


I'm a passionate person with a strong desire to take on any challenge.


I’m a WordPress Developer, Technical Support Specialist and QA Analyst based in Nice, on the French Riviera. I work for Whodunit, a renowned French agency, specialized in WordPress websites. I also have the Opquast Certification of Expert in Web Quality.

Previously, I provided technical support for two big actors in the WordPress ecosystem, The Events Calendar and LearnDash. I also co-founded with my Kiwi wife Tiger & June, a web agency specialized in frontend development and custom WordPress themes.

WordPress is more than a job, it's a passion: I’m the co-organizer of a Meetup group dedicated to WordPress in my local area since 2014, and I've co-organized the first WordCamp held in Nice, in October 2018.

In my spare time, I love watching rugby, practicing kung-fu, skiing as fast as I can, reading Beatnik literature, traveling around the world, going to post-rock shows, learning Japanese and plenty of other things 😄


Whodunit WordPress Developer

At the moment, I work as a web developer in the support and maintenance unit of Whodunit, a full remote web agency specialized in WordPress websites. Whodunit is also one of the main contributors to the WordPess open-source project.

Freelance Technical Support & QA Analyst

As a freelancer, I've been providing Technical Support for two of the most renowned plugin companies in the WordPress industry: The Events Calendar (2018-2021) and LearnDash (2020-2021). I also briefly worked for ThemeIsle's themes and plugins.

Tiger & June Project Manager & Web Developer
MAY 2015 - JUNE 2022

I co-founded with my wife Tiger & June, a web agency specialized in WordPress development. We offered various services like custom theme design and development, managed WordPress hostingwebsite maintenance, content strategy and SEO consulting.

Color Screen Web Developer

I was doing both frontend and backend development for Color Screen, a local web agency. I was using PHP, HTML, CSS, Ajax and JavaScript. The work was mostly done on the agency's proprietary CMS. The agency also had a portfolio of WordPress websites to manage.

Pixalib Community Manager & Webmaster
MAY 2013 - AUGUST 2013

As an intern, I provided webmastering & community management for a French-Chinese start-up specialised in printing books on demand. Based in Shanghai, my mission included the creation of custom templates for the in-house cms and email campaigns and SEO for the company's blog.

Million-E Culture WordPress Developer
FEBRUARY 2013 - MAY 2013

As an intern in Shenzhen (China), my mission was to develop and maintain a multilingual e-commerce website for a company specializing in the development of software for tablets and smartphones. The platform was developed with WordPress and WooCommerce.


I strive to make WordPress websites as fast & secure as possible.

I've been working in the WordPress industry for a decade. I've created, customized, maintained and debugged hundreds of sites. I have used dozens and dozens of plugins. I've written thousands of lines of code. Thanks to my experience, my skills and my knowledge of WordPress, I'm confident that I can take your website to the next level 😎

  • Technical Support

    Whether a site is down or really slow, I can intervene to find the origin of the problem and eventually solve it — or at the very least suggest solutions. Furthermore, I can deal with other technical tasks such as site migration, website hardening, staging site creation, etc.

  • Website Maintenance

    As weird as it sounds, I love maintaining WordPRess websites. You can count on me to proceed with safe updates, daily backups, security hardening and all these different tasks that can be head-scratching, risky and time consuming.

  • Theme Customization

    I can customize any theme to better suit the owner's brand or desires - whether it's a custom theme or a premium theme. Depending on the needs, I can also add functionality to the site. Besides, I can code a tailor-made WordPress theme from a web design made on a PSD or figma file, with performance, security, accessibility and SEO-friendliness at the center of my concerns.

  • Managed Hosting

    Not only can I fully take care of the hosting of your WordPress website so that the owner doesn't need to worry about things like FTP or database, but I can also optimize its overall performance and security.

  • SEO Optimization

    While I can't do miracles, I can definitely make any WordPress website as SEO-friendly as it can be. I can also accompany the owner and recommend them ways to improve their online visibility.

  • QA Analyst

    As a QA analyst, I can write and run manual and automated tests, to ensure the software quality of the product.


A selection of recent clients I have worked for.

Technical Support & QA

The Events Calendar

Project Link

As a freelancer, I've been providing Technical Support for The Events Calendar suit of plugins since March 2018. My role notably includes the participation in troubleshooting and triaging of issues with teams to drive root cause identification and resolution. I've been also working as a QA engineer, ensuring product quality through development cycle.

Technical Support


Project Link

I've been working as a Technical Support Specialist for LearnDash since January 2020. I diagnose and troubleshoot software problems and provide assistance to LearnDash's clients. Besides, I help improve the plugin and its addons' documentation and enhance the company's products.

Custom Theme Creation, Maintenance & Managed Hosting


Project Link

LuluCastagnette has been a client of Tiger & June since 2016. We created a website for the brand, and I've been providing maintenance and managed WordPress hosting since then.

Maintenance & Technical Support

Switch (on Paper)

Project Link

Switch (on Paper) is an online editorial platform. I managed the website for a couple of years and helped improve the product.

Custom Theme Creation, Maintenance & Managed Hosting


Project Link

Altersis is a young and fast growing company providing technological and IT service. With the help of a web designer and another frontend developer, I created a custom WordPress theme for the company. After launch, I've hosted and maintained the website, and provided technical support.

Custom Theme Creation, Maintenance & Managed Hosting

Grandeur Nature

Project Link

Working with another frontend developer at Tiger & June, I created a tailor-made WordPress theme using ACF Pro, developing along the way some custom functionalities for the client.

Jérémy is a first-rate problem solver who can be counted on to tackle the difficult problems. Though his troubleshooting skills are first-rate, what I actually most enjoy about working with him is his calm, measured personality: he's that rare type who maintains perspective even in stressful situations. This shines through in the methodical way in which he approaches and solves technical issues and, just as importantly, the way he communicates. I look forward to the next time I can work with him!
Barry Hugues image Barry Hugues Former Head of Support at Modern Tribe
I have worked with Jeremy to rebuilt the websites of our selling points:, and It was a real pleasure to work with Jeremy on these projects. He has perfectly understood our issues, and the elements we wanted to highlight on our websites for professional activities. He really cared about the attempts we had, and gave us a lot of good advices. We are still working with Jeremy for the maintenance of those websites. He is always reactive and efficient on our demands. I have no doubt we will continue our partnership for a long time.
Henri Tschann image Henri Tschann General Manager, SA SHIN
Our experience is extremely positive, we were able to create and develop a relationship platform, thanks to a great listening and unfailing professionalism of Jeremy & his team. The solutions are concrete and correspond to our expectations. We value this collaboration, which allows us to evolve.
Lina Cappellini image Lina Cappellini Founder, Potager en Ville
With rigor and efficiency, Jérémy Marchandeau helped us to create and then develop our editorial platform and to maintain it during the very first months of existence - fragile - of our online media.
Eric Mangion image Eric Mangion Founder, Switch (on Paper)

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